The Muclitech team is proud to be newly partnered with PME-MTL and ACET. These two companies recognize the potential of Muclitech and are dedicated to help us in the realization of our innovative project. Indeed, their support accelerates and perfects the development of the climate management systems proposed by Muclitech. 

Why do business with PME-MTL?

Starting a business is a long and complex process. A person who wants to start an entrepreneurial venture must find partners to maximize his performance. You can be the best entrepreneur in the world, but you will undoubtedly need support because it is impossible to be specialized in all areas. The entrepreneur must be involved in all aspects of his project, but often, other professionals are better qualified to make decisions or even execute certain tasks. This is why PME-MTL Centre-Ouest has assembled the best experts, stakeholders, program managers and financial aid providers to meet the needs of start-up companies in all sectors of activity.

In April 2021, Muclitech received a grant and a loan from PME-MTL. The company also offers a support service focused on the commercialization of innovations. Whether for financial or technical advice, PME-MTL routinely supports Muclitech in the various phases of its project.   

Why do business with ACET?

ACET helps entrepreneurs to develop innovative and enabling technologies for tomorrow’s society. Recognized as a creator of highly skilled jobs, ACET is committed to creating, facilitating and accelerating the creation of innovative companies. Muclitech is honored to be assisted by ACET since March 2021.

ACET brings together experts in project development who are involved in the development of the business model and who will be involved in the execution as well. They will also be good advisors in terms of expansion strategies when Muclitech would like to expand internationally.

On the way to success!

Muclitech develops its project surrounded by specialized professionals in order to perfect its offer and to really satisfy the deficiencies contained in today’s climate management systems. The financial support as well as the precious advices received allow Muclitech to realize its project with the desired result, that is to say to develop a climate management system able to reproduce the optimal climates for any kind of plants.