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Muclitech is at the origin of an ultra efficient and intelligent humidity management technology called the Dahlia system


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The Dahlia system

The Dahlia can manage humidity. It can dehumidify AND humidify the air. Muclitech was granted a provisional patent on its innovative technology in April 2022. The Dahlia system uses a much more energy efficient method, that of contact misting. 

The advantages of the Dahlia system:

  • Reduces energy costs by at least 15 percent
  • Controls humidity without changing the temperature
  • Smaller than its competitors
  • Increase agronomic yield
  • Water recovery

    The Oxalis system

    1. It is composed of 3 main machines instead of 4: refrigeration unit, indoor heater and Dahlia.

    2. It reproduces precisely and uniformly the optimal climate for each plant. It works for any type of climate, even the most complex.

    3. It can generate rare and complex events such as guttation, a phenomenon required for the optimal growth of strawberries.

    4. It is compatible with all the equipment involved in the existing climate management system.

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