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Muclitech is at the origin of an ultra efficient and intelligent dehumidifier named Dahlia


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What makes the Oxalis system different?

1. It is composed of 3 main machines instead of 4: refrigeration unit, indoor heater and Dahlia.

2. It reproduces precisely and uniformly the optimal climate for each plant. It works for any type of climate, even the most complex.

3. It can generate rare and complex events such as guttation, a phenomenon required for the optimal growth of strawberries.

4. It is compatible with all the equipment involved in the existing climate management system.

The Dahlia

Muclitech is currently in the process of obtaining a patent on its innovative machine named Dahlia (formerly known as Humitechno). The Dahlia acts as a purification chamber, which means that it filters and cleans the air in order to eliminate all the contaminated particles that circulate in it. 

The benefits of the Dahlia:

  • Improves energy efficiency and reduces energy costs by at least 10%
  • Does not create waste (clean technology)
  • Humidifies and dehumidifies the air without changing the temperature
  • Reduces operating costs by combining the humidifier and dehumidifier
  • Smaller than its competitors
  • Modular and can be inserted in several locations instead of just one

    Our Services

    Data system

    A data, alarm, access and remote control system was developed. The system allows the agronomist to plan the climate for each hour of the growing season. There is a continuous adjustment of all the equipment and there is data accessible in real time.

    Equipment purchase

    Muclitech buys the equipment needed to operate the system, such as refrigeration units and interior heaters. The team is responsible for configuring all elements of the climate management system to ensure synergy.


    Muclitech provides an engineering service to assist customers in the different phases of their climate management projects. Our experts adjust the equipment manufactured to the specific needs of each client.

    Consulting services

    The company offers consulting services in the agri-food sector to optimize the production of a plant, in addition to assisting in the search for the ideal climate. Finally, consulting services for the conception of a production room and for the setting up of installations are also offered.  

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