The conception of a vertical farm


To design a system capable of replicating all climates for a laboratory dedicated to strawberry cultivation in a closed environment. To generate complex, cold, high humidity and dry climates, and perform climate transitions at a controlled rate.


Design and operation of the climate control system:

  • Development of our central controller and algorithms that allow better synergy between HVAC equipment
  • Deployment of a user-friendly climate planning tool
  • Development of a cloud-based dashboard to visualize data in real time and an alarm system (SMS/email) in case of unexpected events
  • Select and optimize HVAC equipment to generate complex climates


The climate management system operates with very fine precision and replicates the natural climate of the strawberry. During the 30 days of June 2021, the average deviations from the designated set points were of 0.30°C in temperature and 0.5% in humidity. The climate transitions necessary for strawberry growth are precisely and consistently controlled.

“The climate management done by the first prototype was somewhat difficult at first, but thanks to Muclitech’s adjustments, the climate is now precise and consistent. I am happy to have been able to be part of the breakthrough of an innovative Quebec company like Muclitech through the Km0 project.”

– Liliane Colpron, Première Moisson Founder